While canvassing in 2019, a Doraville resident asked me what my core values are. Not the issues that I’m working towards, but HOW I’m working towards them. I muddled through an answer but told them I’d take some more time and really put my thoughts together, so here I go…

  1. Equality and Equity should be at the forefront of all decision making. Votes need to be for the good of all Doraville residents and not just special interest groups or businesses.
  2. Sustainability and Green Thinking should always be used in planning for Doraville’s future. Always think in the long-term, even when the decisions seem to only affect the short-term.
  3. Each council session is a learning experience. I may have expertise in architecture and related fields, but I am NOT an expert in everything. Listen to all sides before reaching a decision. Employ both logic and empathy when making decisions.
  4. Don’t be afraid to admit a lack of knowledge or a mistake. Be humble in knowing what you don’t know. Ask for clarification on matters when necessary so that decision making is as informed as possible.
  5. This is an elected position and my job is to serve the community at large. Stay connected to the residents and seek out their input on decisions that directly effect them. Stay accessible so that they can reach out to me when an issue arises. While I won’t be able to make everyone happy all the time, I can at least take the time to listen and learn.
  6. Doing what is right and doing what is easy are not usually the same thing. Never take the easy way unless it is also the right way.

I’d like to believe that the past two years have given me to opportunity to put these six values into effect. With the appointing of a new city manager, dealing with the Covid19 pandemic, and regular council items, I’ve done my best to apply these core values to my time on council.