the state of being diverse; variety


the state of being strong and active; energy


a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals

Diversity, Vitality, Community…

When I first moved to Doraville, I didn’t truly understand why these three words served as the city’s motto, but the longer I’ve been a resident and council member, the more these words have resonated with me.

I had never before lived in a place so welcoming and open to new residents; never known my neighbors by name (never-less invited them over for BBQs and game nights). But this is what Doraville and Northwoods has become to me; a home…

Those who live outside of Doraville usually know of its existence as the home of the old GM plant and its restaurants, but this city is much, much more. Our diversity truly is our strength. We openly welcome people of all races, religions, cultural backgrounds, sexual preferences and identities. We are home to hundreds of different locally owned restaurants and businesses that have created the thriving BuHi corridor. We are a stronger and better community because of our differences, not in spite of them. My time on council has only served to emphasis just how important this diversity is to our city.

What Can You Do as a City of Doraville Resident…

As your City Council member, I would love to hear your input on what our city might need. Please don’t hesitate to use the “Call to Action” button in order to send me a message.